Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Have No Excuse for Posting This . . .

. . . other than the fact that I can't resist and article that mentions "a snail-sucking snake."

Spot the gecko: Reptile so small it can fit on pencil top found along with dozens of other new species in threatened Ecuador jungle | Mail Online: "A gecko so small it can perch on top of a pencil has been discovered along with dozens of new animal species in Ecuador’s threatened rainforest.

Scientists also found 30 new varieties of frog and a snail-sucking snake – all on the verge of becoming extinct."


Anonymous said...

I understand that's an upcoming Major Motion Picture starring Nicolas Cage and Adam Sandler:

Miniature Gecko and the Snail-Sucking Snake


Unknown said...

Make it "snakes," and you have great name for a rock band, too.