Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gator Update

Police find alligator during drug bust - Timmins Daily Press - Ontario, CA: "Officers with the TPS drug enforcement section, along with officers from the organized crime enforcement bureau of the Ontario Provincial Police, executed a search warrant at a residence on Frederick House Lake Dr. in Connaught.

Police seized 430 pot plants in various stages of growth, 60 jars of psilocybin — commonly known as magic mushrooms — also in the growing phase, 1,900 grams f marijuana and 198 grams of psilocybin.

Police also discovered a six-foot long alligator in the home."

I've lost count of the number of stories like this that I've blogged. What is it about drug dealers and gators?


John McFetridge said...

Okay, if you want to prtotect a grow op in Florida a gator might seem like a good idea, but Timmins, Ontario? It's five hundred miles north of Toronto.

Maybe a bear would have eaten the plants...

Jerry House said...

Did you ever stop to think that it might be gators that are keeping the drug dealers?

Unknown said...