Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kingdom of the Spiders


Anonymous said...

Definitely a classic of the worst order. Check out Shatner's hair! And what ever happened to Tiffany Bolling?

If you want to see a real classic of that sort from the same era check out DAY OF THE ANIMALS with Christopher & Lynda Day George and Leslie ("Don't call me Shirley!") Nielsen as the villain.


Gerard said...

I think that was on television this past weekend.

Richard Robinson said...

I used to enjoy playing with tarantulas when I was a kid. There were some (not as many as in the movie!) and I'd pick them up and have them crawl up my forearm, onto the other hand, up that forearm and over again. I'd do it five or six times and then put them down and they'd walk off as if noting had happened. They're pretty cool critters. I was never bitten.

But when it comes to snakes...I'm with Indy.