Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Recommended Reading

� Mike Nevins on RAY BROWNE and STUART KAMINSKY, R.I.P.: "The news was no surprise. His wife had prepared me several days earlier: “His heart and kidneys are failing. We have brought him home from the hospital… I think he won’t live much longer.”

He was 87 when on Thursday, October 22, he died. You may never have heard of Ray Browne, but I had known him for forty years and he wonderfully shaped my life and that of every other mystery writer of the last four decades who sported academic credentials."

The first articles I ever read in The Journal of Popular Culture was Mike's series on Keeler, and I still have my copy of The Mystery Writer's Art. A portion of my dissertation was published in a book by the Popular Press, and I later published an article on backwoods paperbacks in The Journal.

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