Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I for One Welcome our New Googly Masters

Google Continues to Roll with Social Search � HighTalk: "Google launched Social Search yesterday and at first glance its another game changer.

Google is on quite a roll adding social media features. Last month, it launched the controversial Sidewiki application. At the rate Google is going it will not only own the web, but the social web – by the end of next week."


Anonymous said...

This is scary. I'm glad I'm a geezer and have no need to join any of these so-called "social network" sites.

*goes to search for geezer bus*


PS - And keep off my lawn!

GFS3 said...

You can't be a geezer and reading blogs? Can you? And certainly not a pop culture blog!

Anyway thanks for the link, Bill. Hope you're doing well!