Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anna Nicole Smith Update

Doctor's diary tells of 'blurring the lines' with patient Anna Nicole Smith -- "When the raucous gay pride parade coursed through West Hollywood's thronged streets four years ago, a slim, soft-spoken physician from Studio City rode in the back of a shiny convertible next to one of his patients, Anna Nicole Smith.

'It was mesmerizing watching the crowd wave at us, at Anna and me, up there all buffed out on the car,' Dr. Sandeep Kapoor recalled in his diary. Even more heady than the police escort and the paparazzi, he wrote, was the nightclub after-party.

'I was making out with Anna, my patient, blurring the lines. I gave her methadone, Valium,' the internist wrote. He then added, 'Can she ruin me?'"


Deb said...

I don't know if she ruined him, but by his actions he sure did ruin her.

JerThom said...

Sorry to disagree, but a person does not have to accept their doctor's advice if they feel it will do them harm. Example: I had to go to the VA hospital yesterday, and I refused to take a particular medication my doctor prescribed because I read that it could possibly interact negatively with another medication I'm already on. --- In other words, it's our life, therefore it's our responsibility. And Smith didn't have to choose to date her doctor. We all live with the consequences of our own decisions.

Deb said...

I don't disagree that we are all responsible for our behavior--and that means we are also responsible for not taking advantage of those who obviously didn't get the responsibility memo. I think the doctor's dereliction of duty in this case was equal to or greater than Anna Nicole's irresponsibility.