Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Vampire a Go-Go

In spite of the title, Victor Gischler's Vampire a Go-Go isn't a sequel to Go-Go Girls of the Apocalypse. It doesn't even have go-go girls. What it does have, however, is a vampire, a werewolf, witches, a golem, Jesuit SEALS (okay, not exactly, but you get the idea), mad scientists (okay, alchemists; close enough), ghosts, sentient bodiless heads, magic, zombies, and a graduate student who's really good at research. I may have forgotten a thing or two, but that's close enough. Anyway, they're all in Prague, all after the Philosopher's Stone, which isn't what you might have thought it was.

Heads roll. There's vampire sex. Priests wield automatic weapons ("Vatican thugs! Run!" yells one character before he's machine-gunned). Anybody can die at any time. There are very funny lines ("Dr. Evergreen's party was almost no fun at all after the discovery of the headless corpse.") What more encouragement do you need? Get your copy today.


Scott Cupp said...

I've read this already and it is fun. It may not be GO GO GIRLS (but, really, what is?). I had fun.

Victor Gischler said...

Thanks for helping get the word out, Bill. You da man!


Anonymous said...

Can't believe I missed the first one, but I rectified that today.