Wednesday, September 02, 2009

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Convicted Thief Sues Store He Robbed - Cincinnati breaking news, weather radar, traffic from 9News | Channel 9 "The criminal is finding new and legal ways to victimize the people he ripped off and threatened to kill.
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According to police and court records, Zeilinski came in wearing a mask and carrying a knife that he put to the throats of several employees, threatening to kill them before stealing cigarettes and cash. As he was leaving--reportedly still making threats--one of the young clerks grabbed a gun and shot him in the arm and back. Zeilinski's lawyer says his client is asking in excess of $125,000 for pain and suffering and emotional distress.
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Zelinski says the incident 'ruined his life' and believes the store is responsible for it.

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Dave Lewis said...

That store clerk needs more time on the practice range.