Thursday, July 09, 2009

Will the Persecution Never End?

iWon News - Trial begins in Paris Hilton film contract dispute: "Paris Hilton has arrived for the Miami trial of a federal lawsuit accusing her of failing to adequately promote her 2006 movie 'Pledge This!'

Hilton entered the courthouse Thursday afternoon wearing a black and white dress.

The lawsuit filed on behalf of some film investors claims the 28-year-old didn't honor her contract to promote the DVD release. The lawsuit seeks more than $8 million from Hilton and her entertainment firm."

Hat tip to Jeff Meyerson.


carl brookins said...

Honest to God I don't believe it! Hilton and her occasional lapses of good taste aside, why do we seem to feel suing somebody is the only answer? What ever happened to sitting down and talking?

Todd Mason said...

It's a good day for Hilton:

Unknown said...

Those swine!

jj solari said...

They railroaded Joan of Arc. That was bad enough. But now this? Fortunately, and this is the only thought that gives me strength, these monsters have no idea who they are dealing with. She will shred them all in court like Hermaphrodiatese, the King of Sparta, slicing through the Persians in that movie recently. The one with a number for a title instead of words. She will be like that. I mean like him. I cana't wait.

jj solari said...

I do have to admit the accusers have a strong argument. If she had in anyway lessened her energies in the publicizing of this movie, it would have spelled total ruin for the movie at the box office, even with her in it. The power and galvanizing energy of her
abilities to rouse the public to action cannot ever be minimized. It could be her accusers have a case. This is completely and totally fascinating to me now. This is like that evolution incident in the courts a hundred years ago. Or the Detective Goren one on Criminal Intent, the case with the three fingered alabaster howler monkey.

jj solari said...

I'm sorry, I don't mean to be a hoggy-hoggy boor here but this item has really upset my equilibrium. I'm sorry. I didn't think anything could upset me worse than when Bobby Trendy didn't get his own show on the Style Network. But this has just devastated me.
As you all know I have been in a coma for a year after the incident in the goat yard in....oh why even go there. Justice for me will come eventually. I just feel bad for the kids. Please excuse me, now I am overcome. Paris: the goat; it's just too much all at once. The tears, they never end for me at the mention of her name in a new travail. I am speaking about Paris, now. As for the goat? Pah! I spit on her grave.

Anonymous said...

Note to JJ: don't drink and text.