Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Thesaurus as Big as a Brontosaurus

After a 44-year labour of love, world’s biggest thesaurus is born - Times Online: "Dr Johnson famously took nine years to write his dictionary, but the biggest thesaurus in the world will be published this autumn after a labour of love spanning five decades.

Work on the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary began in 1965. The mammoth enterprise has survived fire and funding problems and has had to be constantly updated to incorporate new words.

With 800,000 meanings for 600,000 words organised into more than 230,000 categories and subcategories, the thesaurus is twice the size of Roget’s version."


jj solari said...

that iz reel good. now i will no more wirdz. will thair be a speling thesorus?

Karin M said...

Could it be even better than Roget's?

Richard Robinson said...

How much is this baby going to cost??

Also I disagree with the comment on the website who said he hopes they only publish it to CD. First, why not a paper version? Second, if published on media it should be a DVD which holds more and is faster.