Sunday, July 05, 2009

Tarzan Update

Tarzan swings into Paris | GlobalPost: "PARIS — Edgar Rice Burroughs never visited Africa but he created one of the continent’s most enduring myths: Tarzan.

In his story about the aristocratic orphan boy raised by apes in the jungle, Burroughs painted a picture of a jungle Africa, teeming with tigers that do not exist in the real Africa, and populating the continent with “savages [who] danced in frantic ecstasy”.

Now Tarzan is on show at one of Paris' most popular museums, which has dedicated its summer exhibition to the ape man."


jj solari said...

tarzan is the obama of africa: a minority member who leads the continent to wondrousness and virtue and justice. it's a beautiful thing. and you can call him an apeman and say that he swings through the trees and the NAAWP never gets upset.

Win Scott Eckert said...

Bill, I will be in Paris in 3 weeks and will definitely check this out -- thanks much for the heads-up!


-Win Scott Eckert
(Foreword, Philip Jose Farmer's TARZAN ALIVE, Bison Books, 2006)

Unknown said...


Dan said...

Remember, Godard's ALPHAVILLE was originally going to be titled TARZAN vs IBM.

Anonymous said...

This is appropriate since Tarzan actually spends some time in Paris in the first couple of books (I bet that a lot of people don't know that).

Win Scott Eckert said...

Indeed, Tarzan was in Paris in the first two books, and his first language was French!

Here is the blog post covering my visit. I feel lucky to have been in Paris during the exhibit!