Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Virtual Convention?

Mystery Fanfare: A Virtual Convention: PP WebCon: "The Poisoned Pen at the forefront of so many things in the mystery world will be hosting a The World's First Virtual Convention on October 24. Yes, virtual.

Poisoned Pen Press and The Poisoned Pen mystery bookstore of Scottsdale AZ will host the first major virtual mystery convention online, PP Web Con. 'Top mystery and crime writers from all over the world will meet and mix with readers and others online in a virtual convention center on October 24th, 2009.' PP Web Con's blog is blank now, but it promises to list all the latest news about the convention's planned events and attendees."


Clare2e said...

Keep us updated- I find this kind of stuff fascinating!

Anonymous said...

It can't be a convention without a bookroom and a bar. Silly me it's Poisned Pen, of couse there will be a book room.
Bryan Barrett

Unknown said...

Sorry, but I cannot believe that this is a good thing. Call me a Luddite or a technophobe, but I can see nothing good coming from this. Someone will need to convince me otherwise.

Anonymous said...

I concur.
It's just another way to provide an ersatz "online' experience. It’s just another way to separate the writer from the reading audience. The FAN.
Communicating on line is not the personal experience of actually meeting your literary icons - in person. I don't think you can have the true Joe Lansdale experience unless you SEE Joe in full Joe Lansdale storytelling mode. The same could be said for Margaret Maron, Mr. Crider, Scott Cupp Richard Moore or Gary Philips. You haven't had the true convention zeitgeist until you’ve see your 'hero" with their hair down. What is proposed is a canned ritual - people will be on their best behavior - where's the fun in that.
Bryan Barrett