Monday, July 06, 2009

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Texas Man Survives Being Stung More Than 250 Times by Bees | AMOG - Alpha Males of the Group: "Harold Braun, aged 74, has miraculously survived being stung more than 250 times in an attack by bees while he mowed the lawn in his Waco, Texas backyard. The poor man was hospitalized after he ran over an area covered by a rubber mat and the movement agitated a hive of nearby bees. Paramedics pulled more than 150 stingers from his body and the hospital staff removed another 100 or so."

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Jerry House said...

I was watching sa show on Animal Planet with my grandson a few months ago and they featured a woman who had essentially the same thing happen to her, except she was from Alvin -- which, as we all know, is the true center of Texas