Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rubber Duckie, Where are You?

Nasa hunts for rubber ducks used to track melting of Arctic icecap | Environment | The Guardian: "Sailors, fishermen and cruise passengers should be on the alert. If anybody spots a yellow rubber duck bobbing on the ocean waves, Nasa would like to know.

The US space agency has yet to find any trace of 90 bathtub toys that were dropped through holes in Greenland's ice three months ago in an effort to track the way the Arctic icecap is melting. Scientists threw the ducks into tubular holes known as 'moulins' in the Jakobshavn glacier on Greenland's west coast, hoping they would find their way into channels beneath the hard-packed surface, to track the flow of melt water into the ocean."

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jerry house said...

In unrelated news, 90 seals with swollen abdomens were found floating dead in the arctic.