Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at the Criders' House

There's a pause in the action as Allen, Angela, and Tom rest between gift openings. It was great to have them here, and although they left only a short time ago, we miss them already. We had a great day, ate too much, laughed a lot, watched A Christmas Story over and over, and had a generally good time. It's quiet now, too quiet. Soon ma in her kerchief and I in my cap will settle down for a long winter's nap. Or maybe just a short one. Tomorrow I have a lot to do. I've already done a little (very little) writing today, with more to do tomorrow. Just how much will get done is an open question. I hope everyone had a great day, and that there'll be smooth sailing as we drift into the new year.


Frank Denton said...

Just dropping in to wish you and Judy a very Merry Christmas. Some of the faily snowed in here, so Christmas sort of comes later. We had dinner with our daughter and her guy. Very enjoyable.

Bill Crider said...

Glad you had a good dinner, and I hope that the later Christmas is a good one.

Anonymous said...

Glad the family was able to get together, Bill, and Frank, it's good to hear from you.

We had the traditional Jewish Christmas Day meal of Chinese food, but I couldn't get the staff to join us in singing "Deck the Halls with Boughs of Hor-ry."


Bill Crider said...

We had the traditional Texas meal: bbq, potato salad, coleslaw.

Gerard said...

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Bill, is this the movie with the kid who gets the pink bunnysuit from grandma and has Christmas dinner at a Chinese restaurant - the duck that's smiling at the dad and gets his head summarily chopped off?! -, is it that movie? Cause I was probably the only person who woke Christmas morning and worked out at the gym. I was definitely the only guy in that gym, and one of the cable channels was running this movie, I think. And it was outright hilarious.

The favorite recipe of our season was Todd Klein's Mocha Nut Cookies, by far the most-asked for recipe, and you can get it here:

An off the wall question: Do you have a blog bites page in the back of each Ellery Queen on a monthly basis (or did I see that in Alfred Hitchcock?)?


Bill Crider said...

That's the movie, all right. And Blog Bytes is in EQMM every month, at least for now.