Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tropical Storm Update #2

This is the biggest fizzle yet from the frenzied weatherpersons in Houston. Hardly any rain, no wind at all. We've had thunderstorms that have been ten times worse. Maybe twenty. The latest TV coverage has reporters standing in parking lots and pointing at puddles.


Anonymous said...

You said it. I'm down here, in Houston, working from home in case Eduard blows all over Houston. Nada. I have a 2pm meeting that I'm seriously thinking about attending, just to spite him. Even this morning, after 11 minutes of the same stuff over and over, I just shut off the TV and wrote. Much ado about nothing. Of course, Houston is due and its tab is 25 years old.

Cap'n Bob said...

I love those remote reports, especially when there's nothing there on which to base a story. Save your carfare, Edward R. Murrow, I believe you when you say there's a 1/2 inch of snow in Bellevue.