Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Paris Hilton Update

My Way News - Behind the scenes of Hilton's mock ad: "LOS ANGELES (AP) - Paris Hilton didn't need cue cards for her presidential campaign ad.

The 24-year-old heiress memorized her entire monologue, which included Hilton outlining her energy plan, in an online video spoof posted on Funny or Die, the comedy Web site's content director said."


Anonymous said...

So? Not to be boorish, but that's hardly the toughest trick in the actor-manque's book.

Anonymous said...

She's a Goddess!

And she has my vote.

Paris for President ... no justice no peace!

Anonymous said...

Paris Hilton has an authenticated IQ of 205. I don't know why everyone is amazed that she can accomplish things.