Monday, August 04, 2008

Let's Make Joe Lansdale a Best-Selling Author (Repeat)

Just a reminder. Today you can still pre-order the book, but tomorrow's the big day. Help Joe pay for that wedding.

Yeah, yeah, I know. He already is. But let's do it again. Buy your copy of
Leather Maiden from Amazon or B&N on August 5, and make him #1! Failing that, show up at Murder by the Book on August 25, where you can get a signed copy and hear Kasey Lansdale and her band. What a deal!


Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm signing on the 25th at Murder by The Book, but I'm doing a library signing on the 20th. Come to both. By multiple copies for insulation. Joe

Unknown said...

Dang. I knew that. It's fixed now.

Cap'n Bob said...

Joe's already a bestselling author. How about we work on The Sage of Alvin?

Unknown said...

Me a bestselling author? Remember that saying about a snowball's chance in hell?