Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Destroyer #50 Killing Time -- Warren Murphy

I needed a good laugh the other day, so I picked up this one. Why this one? Well, I liked the idea that back in 1982, while some of you were still in Pampers, the Destroyer series had already reached book #50.

I couldn't remember whether I'd read it until I got started, and then I recalled the basic idea. There's a famous fitness guru who seems to have discovered the secret of eternal youth, and America's top military leaders are being murdered. Could there be a connection? You bet your bippy there could, and Remo and Chiun are on the case.

The book is credited to Warren Murphy alone, but as usual, it's very funny, and would now be considered very unPC. Which is part of the fun. It's also very much of its time, and some of the computer and phone references might seem amusing to you youngsters. Check it out sometime when you need a laugh.


August West said...

There was a time in the early 70s that you had to use a crowbar to peel these adventure novels out of my hands. I also spent too much $$$ during those days on this stuff. But I loved the "unPC" material and still pick one up to get my fix... (I continue to read Joe Gall and John Eagle books)

Lets see... in 1982 I was 25, DAMN! I wish it was 1982 again.

Unknown said...

Ditto, August.

Donna said...

In 1982 I was 21 and hadn't discovered The Destroyer series yet. And now it looks like we may have seen the last of them. Tor books, which publishes them now, has just released Killer Ratings, which is the last in the four book contract. And so far, there's no word of another contract.

At least the old Destroyer books are still available, in used book stores and on eBay, for people to discover or enjoy again.

And I wish it was 1982 too, both for my lost youth, and the chance to read all the Destroyers again for the first time.

Unknown said...

The Destroyer books from Tor are up to the standard of the earlier books, and it's a shame if the series doesn't continue.

Anonymous said...

Actually Bill it was Molly Cochran who wrote this one. Warren talked in an interview why at one point only his name was on the cover. It had to deal with placement in bookstores so fans could find it easier.

Unknown said...

It figures. Molly had the Chiun/Remo relationship down pat.