Friday, August 22, 2008

Some People Have all the Luck

Or is it luck?

Has Couple Found Formula To Win Lottery? - Money News Story - WNBC | New York: "MADISON, Wis. -- A double-lottery-winning couple in Dane County doubled their winnings again.

Verlyn and Judith Adamson of Mount Horeb each claimed a $350,000 jackpot this week for having the winning numbers in the state SuperCash drawing last Saturday.

But they didn't mention at the time that they also held two more of the winning tickets.

They claimed two more $350,000 jackpots Thursday. All four were purchased at different locations, but with the same numbers and for the same drawing."


Anonymous said...

That sounds suspicious.

Cap'n Bob said...

My numbers for last Monday's $3.5 million lottery:

4 10 16 19 37 43 And the winners:
4 13 16 19 37 46

So close. I won $30, however.

Unknown said...

That $30 is more than I've ever won.