Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ocean -- Warren Ellis, Chris Sprouse, Karl Story

I don't often read graphic novels, but I was intrigued by Ed Gorman's review of Ocean a while back and picked up a copy.

A hundred years in the future, Nathan Cane, a hotshot UN weapons inspector, is sent to a research station in orbit around one of Jupiter's moons. In the moon's ocean there's a sleeping race of incredible, malignant power, and Cane has to stop the international congolmerate DOORS from taking control of them and ruling the solar system. Very entertaining stuff, with a high Gosh, Wow! factor, but also with some very down-to-earth characters. Warren Ellis does a fine job with the story, and Chris Sprouse's artwork is clear and serves the story perfectly.

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Anonymous said...

pretty artsy cover. i dont know who the hell any of these people are or the merits of this book but that's a pretty interresting cover. and ya know what?...I'm not even sure I know why. and I'm pretty good at this aesthetic judgemental stuff. which means it could be even better than I think it is. assuming i think it's any good. which i think i do. any questions?