Friday, August 22, 2008

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Suspended cop: Sex with prostitute wasn't fun, it was work >> - Local: "Breiner is one of two officers suspended indefinitely without pay for engaging in sex acts during the undercover investigation. Breiner is the only officer trying to stop the city from suspending him, saying that because he did what he was asked to do, the punishment violated his constitutional rights.

'I don't agree that he should have had sex. I don't agree that (Lt. Curtis) Breaux told him he should have sex,' Coffin said.

Breiner has said all along that Breaux told him he would have to have sex with the women to make the case.

Breiner added that the other undercover officers didn't want to participate in the sting because they didn't want to have to testify in open court. Also the officers indicated their wives wouldn't allow it."

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Doc Quatermass said...

Isn't that called marriage? :-)