Wednesday, August 20, 2008

From Andre Perkowski

"Arkham After Midnight: Mark of the Mad Hatter."

Down the rabbithole goes Alice and her darkest, most depressing knight! A new/old retro 1920s silent serial... madness! surreal delirium! Hallucinations! Screaming lunatics! Obsessive supervillains! That amazing triumph of conceit over technology, the incredible "Bat-Gyro." All this and the sickest final two minutes you ever needed to see in this lurid melange of moldy footage woven by trained schizoids into a tapestry of tawdriness...

Catch up to all the scratchy handcranked action with the original collage short, "Silent Shadow of the Bat-Man" - young Bruce Wayne suffers in the crucible of his parents' murder and pledges to mop up the streets... one weirdo at a time:


PART TWO: (The creepiest Joker ever, the original Man Who Laughs)

Bob Kane, Bill Finger, and Jerry Robinson drew on a lot of silent films and pulp to create their Batman, here are the originals spliced and diced to sing their song.

Hot, sexy, slimy German Expressionist angst - the way you like to see it. I think. Over and out. for dozens upon dozens of other loathsome, forbidden film and video experiments and intrigues.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting. Suitably creepy. I just saw The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari recently and now I realize he reminded me of the Penguin (Burgess Meridith) at the time. The Man Who Laughs definitely looks like he could have inspired the Joker.

Anonymous said...

Pretty brilliant montage, he would obviously know how to handle a live action version and would make a terrific film. Some bigshot should read this and hire him to make car commercials and then do a film on some lower tier hero in this style.

Either that or keep making free things for me.