Thursday, July 31, 2008

Danny Fingeroth's Top Ten Graphic Novels

Click here for Fingeroth's list.

Hat tip to LitLists.


Gerard said...

I don't read many comic book novels but Joe Sacco's Safe Area Gorazde was darn good.

Gerard said...

Safe Area Gorazde

Stupid internet.

Anonymous said...

Fingeroth doesn't have a single item by Alan Moore, so he's dead wrong. Sorry. You could almost put anything by Eisner up there. Also _Maus_ is a powerful work. But he only work that has ever earned the title "graphic novel" (and I'm not just saying this because the film is coming out; I'm not crazy about Zack Snyder being selected for it, anyway) is _Watchmen_; it's the first work before or since that I've read that is poetic, tiring, mind-expanding, well, heck, I said it better at the 4colorheroes site under the "How did you first discover Alan Moore?" thread. Danny Fingeroth, I've spent so much money on your mags, and you're leaving Moore out? Wrong, wrong, wrong. Not to mention Frank Miller. You went to highbrow for that UK rag.

-- LM