Friday, May 02, 2008

Short Mystery Fiction Society Derringer Awards

The Abbott women rule. Megan wins an Edgar and Patti wins a Derringer. Congrats to all the winners.

"My Hero" by Patricia Abbott
Published in DZ Allen's Muzzle Flash

BEST STORY, 1001 to 4000 WORDS:
"In the Shadows of Wrigley Field" by John Weagly
Published in The Back Alley

BEST STORY, 4001 to 8000 WORDS:
"The Gospel According to Gordon Black" by Richard Helms
Published in The Thrilling Detective

BEST STORY, 8001 to 17500 WORDS:
"Paper Walls/Glass Houses" by Eric Shane
Published in The Back Alley


Todd Mason said...

The Dynastic Reign of the Nase-Abbotts can be dated from May 1-2, 2008. Thanks for the info!

pattinase (abbott) said...

Thanks, guys. Quite a great day.

Unknown said...

Bill- Thanks for the mention. With all the hoopla surrounding the Edgars, it's great to be recognized.
For the record, I'm both Richard Helms AND Eric Shane. Doing the Double Derringer this year is an incredible thrill, especially since I also edited and published a third winner, John Weagly's IN THE SHADOWS OF WRIGLEY FIELD. Kevin Burton Smith and I did our best to sweep the field, but Patricia Abbott's story was just too good for us!
Thanks again for the notice!
Rick Helms

Unknown said...

Some of us (not mentioning any names here) would LOVE to win three awards!

Unknown said...

Bill -

Sometime around 9:00 on Friday night, I got all shaky - heart palpitations, sweating, etc... After an adrenaline-charged day fielding emails and dealing with press releases, it suddenly hit me what had happened.
That's when the real celebration started!
You're right - this is a dream come true.
My only wish is that every author/editor/publisher could have this experience just once. Lord knows there are few enough rewards for the work we all put in.
Thanks again for posting the awards notification!
Best wishes-

Unknown said...

Always glad to post the winners, even if I'm not among 'em.