Tuesday, April 29, 2008

6 Random Things

Patrick Shawn Bagley tagged me with the meme. I'm supposed to tell you 6 random things about myself. Here goes:

1. I once had dinner with Katherine Anne Porter.
2. I'm about to leave the house and jog for 45 minutes.
3. I'm currently reading The Name of the Wind (which, by the way is really long).
4. I watch fewer than 5 TV shows regularly.
5. I do watch the Houston Astros regularly (masochism, I know).
6. I once owned a 1949 Dodge.

I'm supposed to tag others, but I don't like to do that. However, feel free to tell random stuff about yourself in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes my mornings are unproductive by spending to much time in my office so I can listen to Howard Stern.

Anonymous said...

1. I have corresponded with Barry Malzberg (cranky) and Lionel White (nice enough to lend me one of his books).
2. I try to read a book a day.
3. I try to make a $1000 a day in the stock market, but that doesn't always work out.
4. I'm reading SAMUEL JOHNSON: THE MAJOR WORKS and am humbled by his great writing style.
5. I try to show my affection for my wife every day. Yesterday, I mowed the lawn for her (she usually does it) although I despise yard work.
6. When former students tell me I'm a good teacher, that's better than money.

George Kelley

Benjie said...

1. I learned all I know about The Hobbit from my brother and a couple of friends because I’d tried to read it about eight times never getting past chapter 3. (I’ve since slogged all the way through the book.)

2. I started having children when most of my peers were preparing for grandkids.

3. Floods in Brownwood, Texas and Louisiana, Missouri contributed to my slight phobia of that kind of natural disaster.

4. My older brother and I once rode every roller coaster at the Six Flags park in Georgia.

5. My favorite part of Sunbeams mission group when I was a preschooler was the graham crackers and kool-aid.

6. I met my blushing bride at missionary orientation—she was going to Egypt, and I to Ukraine. We married eight months later.

Anonymous said...

I've stood next to a number of reasonably famous people.

I inspired a spontaneous anti-war protest at age six. Vietnam, at the time.

I actually have to think about which is left and right. This has not affected my reading in any significant way, but seems to affect my typing and copying number strings from time to time.

I know that Barry Malzberg is by no means always irritable, or, if he is, he often hides or adulterates it.

I've had better friends and paramours than I've probably deserved.

I've now seen the first Scarlett J video in support of her album. It's slightly more entertaining than listening to it. See hotlink on name.

Unknown said...

The video is . . . interesting.

Anonymous said...

One wonders in what capacity Salman Rushdie was present, aside from hoping to keep his string going. Both Wiggins and Lakshmi much more attractive than he, so obviously the fates, as opposed to the fatwas, have been kind, on that level at least. Then again, maybe he was wasting time and making some pelf writing up the quasi-porny photo shoot she's in (am I selling this hard enough to JJ?) for VANITY FAIR or another martyrer of trees.

Anonymous said...

i once had a carnal relationship with a quagga. i won a crowbar fight last week against a six year old girl. i used english muffins as coasters at a party. i got a call from MCI once that i thoroughly enjoyed. Judy Canova force fed me Corn Kix in an Arkansas dungeon. i was caught by a reporter at a gay sleepover which i can explain.

Anonymous said...

I'll believe the Canova, but not the MCI.

Cap'n Bob said...

1. I went to Ingleside Elementary School for one day.

2. I met Joe Garagiola in a men's room.

3. I've broken four bones--more accurately, I've had four bones broken, none of them by my own design.

4. In 1972 I made a total of $800.

5. I haven't jogged for 45 minutes TOTAL in the last 20 years.

6. I was a Fuller Brush Man for eight days.

7. I was born in a Navy hospital.

8. When I was 17 lived in a room over a bar. The bathroom was a communal crapper at the end of the hall.

Cap'n Bob said...
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James Reasoner said...

1. I once had lunch with Sandra Brown.
2. I went to Recycled Books in Denton this evening.
3. I'm allergic to cola.
4. I used to know how to fix a television set (when they still had tubes).
5. When I was a kid I had a dog named Egbert.
6. I have written what would now be called fan fiction.
7. The ring finger on my right hand is crooked because I broke it playing sandlot football when I was in high school.
8. Having a crooked ring finger doesn't seem to have slowed down my typing.
9. The first paperback I ever bought was BABYSITTER'S GUIDE BY DENNIS THE MENACE.
10. The first movie I remember seeing at a drive-in theater is THE COMANCHEROS.

Unknown said...

Man, you just had to throw that in there about Recycled, didn't you.

Anonymous said...

Who invented this six random things thing? Dr. Evil sort of does it in one of the Austin Powers movies.

Todd Mason said...

And, speaking of random, how does this other-blogs update thing work, anyway? I suppose I'll have to actually go read some Blogger documents...oh, the horror.