Tuesday, April 29, 2008

OGC unveils new logo to red faces - Telegraph

OGC unveils new logo to red faces - Telegraph: "It cost �14,000 to create, but clearly no-one at the smart London design outfit that came up with the new logo for HM Treasury thought to turn it on its side."

Thanks to Jeff Smith for the link.


Doc Quatermass said...

Is that all everybody thinks about anymore? Oh, for the days when the dialog card comes up in the silent version of Zorro and he tells the others to go on ahead and he would stay behind and beat off the attackers and no one sniggered.

My favorite headline: Jane Fonda Advice To Teens. Use Head To Avoid Pregnancy.

Years before Clinton: Governor's Pen Is Busy and they left out the kerning between Pen and Is.

Years ago in a paper north of here they did a story on a local historical clock tower and they left the L out of clock.

You have to wonder how intentionally done many of these are by the copy desk editors, as well as graphic designers.

One composing room guy on his last day of work as a parting shot transposed the words of a column called Off Beat.

Anonymous said...

And to think that members of my Jane Austen discussion group were just beginning to venture back to this blog!

J. Wilbur Prufrock, III

Benjie said...

Doc, You have some very interesting reading there. Once in church we read in the bulletin that the special music which was to be "Agnus Dei" was printed without the 'g'.

Rusty said...

I think my favorite part is the comment from the OGC spokesman:

"it is not inappropriate to an organisation that’s looking to have a firm grip on Government spend.”

Try to imagine someone from a US gummint agency actually having the wit to even think of that, much less say it.


Doc Quatermass said...


Church bulletins are a great source of unintended humor. I wonder if the Bush government knows that the Catholic Church has missals of mass instruction?


"God dammit, we forgot the silent prayer." - President Eisenhower

Doc Quatermass said...

I watched the slide show. What a riot.

A little old lady called my wife's paper some years back to ask if in the photo on the sports page it was what she thought was hanging out of the basketball player's shorts (who was going for a lay up) or a shadow. It wasn't a shadow. It was his dingus. I guess that's why they went to those stupid long hip hop-like shorts.

Doc Quatermass said...

Dag nabbit, the Telegraph terminated the story with extreme prejudice. Both the story and slide show link now take you to the main news page.Even the right hand page headline link on the front page does the same. And I hadn't shared it with my cyber saddle pals yet.