Thursday, April 17, 2008

Wanna Go to Thrillerfest for Free?

Not only does Thrillerfest present a unique opportunity to mingle with bestselling authors such as Sandra Brown, James Patterson, Kathy Reichs, and many more, they’ll also be sharing inside stories of how they achieved their success and what inspires them. Additionally, this year more than 35 top literary agents have signed up to hear pitches as part of Agentfest, a truly unique opportunity for aspiring writers.

We’re currently running a contest where the prize is a free ticket to attend Thrillerfest…more information is available here:

or go to for more information


Doc Quatermass said...

Left the latest Alex Cross off of my "pile to read" list. Although like Spenser I'm wearying of the character.

Doc Quatermass said...

I looked at the site and the guest list. Nothing against these authors but other than Patterson, I've read Lustbader's "The Ninja" when it came out and found it fair; wifey's read a few Sandra Brown's, which she found entertaining, but told me to pass on them, I've watched "Bones" in the past but haven't read anything by Kathy Reichs, I've heard of Baldacci and Thor but haven't been compelled to pick up anything by them I've seen in the bookstores. Maybe I'm not the best judge as I've never read anything by Tom Clancy, use to read Clive Cussler before the Dirk Pitt novels became ribcrushers, never got around to reading the last James Clavell, been some years since I've read Frederick Forsyth and Robert Ludlum (liked the first Matt Damon/Jason Bourne movie decent, the second a dizzying roller coaster ride of nothing but nauseating action and passed on the third); and missed Cyril Wecht's seminar on the reality of forensic vs television portrayal at Duquesne University last weekend, but there better be free transportation, free food and booze and and great looking free hookers if they want me to attend. :-)