Wednesday, April 16, 2008

James Bond in the Musuem

Ian Fleming's James Bond: what links WW2 with the character 007 - Times Online: "The link between creator, character and military history is the subject of For Your Eyes Only: Ian Fleming and James Bond, a new exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, London. James Taylor, the exhibition’s curator, acknowledges that the link between a fictional character and real history can seem tenuous, but is adamant that both Fleming and Bond belong."


Fred Blosser said...

Funny, that proposed wartime mission sounds more like Aleister McLean or Jack Higgins than James Bond.

The WWII references are interesting. I remember that in "Thunderball," Blofeld's ruthlessness was compared to Himmler's. When I first read the novel as a teen in the mid-'60s, the analogy didn't mean much to me: the Nazi thugs were history by the time I was born.

Unknown said...

I wonder if that reference has been updated in recent reprints.