Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Someone Somewhere is Hoppin' Mad

Youths find human leg on South Padre Island beach | Chron.com - Houston Chronicle: "BROWNSVILLE — Officials on South Padre Island were looking for leads today after a human leg with a sneaker attached washed up on the beach here.

Some youths spotted the leg on the beach Sunday morning about five miles north of the town of South Padre, said Lt. Arnold Flores of the Cameron County park rangers."

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Doc Quatermass said...

Dang, I knew I forgot something on the beach when I was visiting down there! You think I would have noticed it when when I put my pants on.

"Flores said it didn't appear to have been a shark attack." Uh huh, after Murray Hamilton said they couldn't close the beach and it was a boating accident not a shark attack.