Monday, April 14, 2008

Mistr Jory -- Milton Bass

This second book in the Jory series, like the first, appeared in hardcover before being reprinted in paperback. This time, Jory saves a man's life and is rewarded by being made foreman of a huge ranch. Though he'd fled this responsibility before, he figures he'll make the best of things, and he manages to do pretty well when confronted with situations demanding that he make big decisions.

Things aren't going well at the ranch, however. Cattle are disappearing and being poisoned. Jory can't figure out what's going on, but neither can anyone else. The ranch house is a psycho-sexual mess, and Jory falls hard for the daughter of a preacher who lives there. He also makes a friend or two, or thinks he does.

This time out, Jory learns a good bit, including the fact that hardly anyone is what he (or she) appears to be. He also learns that forswearing his guns isn't going to lead to anything good. Jory's a gunhand whether he likes it or not. This time out there are still some dreams and barfing, but not as much of either. Jory's growing up a little more.
[SPOILER ALERT: But once again he lights out for the territory at the end. END SPOILER ALERT]


Benjie said...

These Signet covers look great, Bill. But what do the originals look like? Don't they come from a day when the western was thriving?

BTW, "saves a man's live"?

Bill Crider said...

Dang. I need to proof these things.

Benjie said...

What! and deny your friends and former students the joy of finding the goofs and gaffs?