Sunday, April 27, 2008

Divine "Escorts"

Buried Dogs Were Divine "Escorts" for Ancient Americans: "Hundreds of prehistoric dogs found buried throughout the southwestern United States show that canines played a key role in the spiritual beliefs of ancient Americans, new research suggests.

Throughout the region, dogs have been found buried with jewelry, alongside adults and children, carefully stacked in groups, or in positions that relate to important structures, said Dody Fugate, an assistant curator at the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture in Santa Fe, New Mexico."


Anonymous said...

naturally, it goes without saying, the saliva of giddiness is flowing freely out of my cheeks and down the skin my chin and jawbones and splashing in great, loud crashes onto the floor at the reading this happy entry.

Anonymous said...

Keeping the world apprised of all things Hilton, however peripheral:

Unknown said...

But Tinkerbell is only #5.

Doc Quatermass said...

I prefer Egyptian cat worshipping myself. Though when my cats get standoffish I threaten to get me a little puppy.


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