Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tommy Westphall's Mind

Know who Tommy Westphall is? If you do, you might be interested in this exploration of a multiverse almost as complicated as the one created by Michael Moorcock. Link via Neatorama.

Tommy Westphall - A Multiverse Explored: "Tommy Westphall's Mind explores the most elaborate television crossover universe in the history of the medium!"


Anonymous said...

The only drawback to this is that HOMICIDE is actually a creation of David Simon, not Tom Fontana. Fontana merely reworked the real-life BPD detectives into fictional equivalents.

Unless we end up seeing McNulty walking a beat on Staten Island in one of the L&O shows.

But while we're on the subject, does this mean that, somehow, DEAL OR NO DEAL is a figment of Tommy Westphall's imagination?

Unknown said...

That would explain a lot.

Todd Mason said...

Evil is thinking of THE WIRE, not of its predecessor HOMICIDE, of which Tom Fontana was an itegral figure (even if it was initially adapated for television from Simon's nonfiction book by Paul Attanasio, apparently no relation to A. A. Attanasio).

And, as that sentence indicates, the crazed scholarship inherent in this project is catching. Though I think even with the ridiculously recondite injokes caught here, all the appearances of Richard Belzer as John Munch, so named or not (but clearly implied, as with his appearance as a cop on FRIENDS), have not been captured.

Todd Mason said...

Or even integral.