Wednesday, March 12, 2008

There Are No Losers Here Tonight, Folks

Today I read in an unimpeachable source that until 1989, Oscar presenters had always opened the envelope and said, "And the winner is . . . ." In that year, however, someone pointed out that calling one of the nominees a winner implied that the others were, well, losers. So from that day forward, Oscar presenters have said, "And the Oscar goes to . . . ."

Of course, as we all know, it's an honor just to be nominated.


Todd Mason said...

...and since an award is only as good as its recipients, it's a dishonor to win any award, such as an Oscar, given to the film CRASH, or, such as the Nobel Peace Prize, to Henry Kissinger among some other very poor choices.

Cap'n Bob Napier said...

I've noticed that self-esteem-saving change, too. I'd prefer "...and the least obnoxious of this group is..."