Sunday, March 09, 2008

No More Spotted Dick?

British home-cooking 'is becoming extinct' - Telegraph: "Traditional British dishes such as toad in the hole and spotted dick could disappear from dining tables by 2021 as households increasingly turn to foreign cuisine, it has been claimed.

New research shows that Britons rarely make dishes such as steak and kidney pie or jam roly-poly from scratch any more, and are far more likely to cook curries and pasta meals from recipes."


Anonymous said...

And, mark my words, “Figgy-Dowdy,” “Drowned Baby,” and “Spotted Dog” won’t be far behind. Patrick O’Brian is spinning in his grave.


jjs said...

yes, when you think of england you think of fine cuisine. how sad that these tasty and aromatic delights that sit so lightly on the stomach and retun again to the palate three hours later may no longer fill the air and streets with their saliva-inducing smells. it is the food, and not the aversion to exercize, that makes the british sillouette the standard of physical beauty the world around. only the english have elevated the starch to a mighty level of nutritional dynamism that sculpts his grecian physique with taut sinew and steel muscle and thick, weight-bearing bone. their skins, fiery and bronzed like the arrowheads of apollo are a burnished target of admiration for all who yearn for tawny health unparalleled. starch, grease, and the spartan aversion to spices makes the english plate a pile of nutrients the deprived barnyard boar can only envy at from his, poor by comparison, trough. by age fifty the british man and woman, both with the sturdy confidence of anemic pallor, gasp, wheeze and feel with happy reassurance their pulsing necks pumping their vitamin-clogged blood through their straining veins as they slog with sturdy step to their next plateful of oil-rich mud-of-life. only the irish eat better.