Sunday, March 09, 2008

Lost and Gilligan: a Comparison

Six Original And Creative Coincidences Between Lost and Gilligan's Island: "Lost and Gilligan's Island are more alike than you might think. Sure, they both are shows about people being stranded and forced to live on an Island (don't even get me started on the �it is a peninsula� ending) but it goes much deeper than that. The creators of Lost must have watched and dissected every episode of good ole Gilligan's isle and took the craziest parts from it to use in their new show. Here are just a few examples.

WARNING: If you are not caught up on Lost (as of this writing Season 4, episode 6) or Gilligan's Island (as of this writing, most of the original cast is dead) then do NOT read further."


jjs said...

this is effing great. holy moley i wish i could use the language here i am most accustomed to using. but i sense that i would be a stumbling block, and being an admirer of st paul i am going to heed his advice. where was i. oh yeah, this article is great. i dont know who this guy is but he must be as oild as us methusalas reading this and he must watch a LOT of tv. i hated gilligans island and proudly admit i never watched even one complete episode. just smidgeons, enough to puke, and then move on. same with lost. except lost is worse. lost is not even trying to be funny. ceclily loves lost so much she evidences genuine hostility when i start-in on it. on the other hand i'm just the same way about paris hilton, so i can throw her that bone without too much trouble.

Bill Crider said...

My kids watched Gilligan in reruns when they were small. Over and over and over. I blame my loss of brain cells on the fact that it was on TV in my house every day for years.

Todd Mason said...

Actually, LOST's pilot compares unfavorably with GILLIGAN'S ISLAND's pilot in stupidity (I saw the original two-episode screener, with jet engines which magically run till it's plot-convenient for them to stop, and such)...and inasmuch as the only other whole episode I've seen is the first season's Golf Course/Really Nice Torturer episode (biggest dumb in that one--fixing a broken satellite phone or similar sort of radio with a paper clip), I've never been tempted to Return to the Island (even with the reasurrance of LOST fans that the Golf Course episode is perhaps the worst in the series...hell, it was better than the pilot, though not much). The utter lack of good qualities to nearly everything else touched by J. J. Abrams does nothing to make me think I'v been depriving myself.

Meanwhile, GI might just get 6yos interested in Shakespeare, but it's unlikely. Does it still run anywhere?