Saturday, May 12, 2007

Everything You Want to Know about Execution by Leathal Injection

Inventor of lethal injection stands behind it | - Houston Chronicle

SANTA ROSA, CALIF. — Thirty years ago, Oklahoma Medical Examiner Dr. A. Jay Chapman marched into the Oklahoma Statehouse and dictated the formula for a cocktail of three drugs to a lawmaker looking for a more humane way to execute the condemned.

As Chapman spoke, Rep. Bill Wiseman scribbled on a legal yellow pad. That afternoon, Wiseman introduced the bill that made Oklahoma the first state to adopt lethal injection.

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jj solari said...

That article won't come up. It's too bad, I wanted to get a look at that walking gob of spit.

Bill Crider said...

The Chron's probably archived it so they can charge you to look at it.