Saturday, May 12, 2007

Manga Shakespeare

BBC NEWS | Education | Shakespeare gets comic treatment: "The appetite of publishers for comic book - or graphic novel - versions of Shakespeare plays seems undimmed. But is this a valid way of introducing the Bard to new readers?

One new UK publishing house, Self Made Hero, is offering 'Manga Shakespeare' - cut-down versions of some of the plays, in a Japanese cartoon style.

They are drawn by established manga artists, the characters acquiring the typical big bright eyes and cute little noses of the form.

Its first productions are Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, with Richard III and The Tempest coming this autumn and others to follow.

Romeo and Juliet, the blurb explains, is set in modern-day Japan."

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jj solari said...

I am shakespeare's biggest fan and booster. and i gut absolutely no problem with this.