Thursday, May 10, 2007

Once Again Texas (Doesn't) Lead the Way

Buzzard concerns delay plans for Texas State 'body farm' | - Houston Chronicle: "SAN MARCOS, Texas — Texas State University's plan to build the nation's largest 'body farm' of cadavers is on hold after scrapping its proposed site amid concerns that buzzards could endanger nearby planes.

The university will now scout a new location for what will be only the third body farm in the nation. The school had hoped to begin burying bodies later this year.

By burying cadavers and studying human decomposition, researchers aim to help police better solve questions like time and manner of death at crime scenes.

Texas State's proposed 17-acre site was on Texas Highway 21 near the San Marcos Municipal Airport. But after meeting with the airport's commission Tuesday, the university quashed the plan out of concerns that buzzards would pose a risk to pilots."

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Anonymous said...

How are you gonna keep 'em down on the farm if the Rangers keep digging them up?

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