Sunday, October 21, 2007

We're from the Government, and We're Here to Help You - Tomato Juice Spill Causes Long Lines At LaGuardia: "NEW YORK (CBS) ― Tempers grew short at LaGuardia Airport Saturday. The American Airlines terminal was brought to a near-standstill because of an equipment malfunction, but it was the reason for the malfunction that really had people fuming.

People were welcomed to Terminal D of LaGuardia Airport with a line so long, it was difficult to tell where it began, or where it ended - all because someone spilled tomato juice on an x-ray machine.

When CBS 2 HD told one woman the reason for the delays, she asked if we were 'kidding,' but it was no joke. The Transportation Safety Administration confirmed the spill knocked out one of the five units that screen thousands of passengers here each day.

'That's insane,' said Dallas bound passenger Pat Jones. 'That shouldn't be our problem, should it?'

But it was."

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Anonymous said...

governments like to punish the victims. it's less risky than going after the bad guys.