Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Croc Update (Musical Edition)

TheStar.com | entertainment | DOWNLOAD SINGLE OF THE WEEK: "Underworld's new album, Oblivion With Bells, takes a steep nosedive into crapulence around the halfway point, so perhaps it's best to employ a bit of judicious, iPod-era editing on approach to safeguard the aging techno duo's heretofore untarnished reputation.

First single 'Crocodile' is certainly a keeper, a wash of immaculate, wee-hours tech-house whose gleaming mechano-rhythms and aura of gauzy bliss are perfectly tailored to glide sweaty dance floors towards dawn."


jjs said...

I watched and listened to this on you tube. How 80's!! You rascal!! Want to trade some Pet Shop Boys for Depeche Mode? PLEEEEEEZE??? (That's right: that was sarcasm.)

Bill Crider said...

You had me worried for a second there.