Friday, October 26, 2007

Gorilla of the Gasbags

There's a picture of the cover at the link. Well worth a look. And the story's by Gil Brewer!

The Geek Curmudgeon :: Holy Gasbags!: " Among ape collectors, Gil Brewer's 'Gorilla of the Gasbags' is a Holy Grail of sorts. The legendary cover of the June 1929 Zeppelin Stories tantalizes with a gorilla and a man fighting from the ladder beneath a flying dirigible! I've longed to read the story, but not only have I never actually seen one, I know of no one who has read the story.

Shockingly, a copy of the much sought after pulp recently sold on ebay for the astronomical sum of $3,183.33! Oh, to find one at a garage sale someday!"


Anonymous said...

Now, you see, THIS is the kind of cover MURDALAND *could* have.

Unknown said...

And I'll bet it would sell like hotcakes. Or something.

Juri said...

It's Gil Brewer alright, but it's the paperbacker's dad. How could've the guy written this when he was seven or something like that? The cover is cool, to be sure.

Unknown said...

The dad, right. Unless the son was a real prodigy.