Saturday, October 27, 2007

Alvin in the News

Private Pentagon files surface in Alvin home | - Houston Chronicle: "ALVIN — Did a former Pentagon employee take a file cabinet filled with sensitive information about America's top Army generals — including former Secretary of State Colin Powell — and then leave them behind in an Alvin house sold in a sheriff's sale?

That's what police and the Department of Defense would like to know.

Members of an Alvin family looking for salvageable materials a few days ago hauled the file cabinet holding the records home from a small house on Lee Street that is being renovated.

'The contractor told us to take whatever we wanted,' said Alfredo Moreno III.

His uncle, Martin Ortiz, later looked through the cabinet and got a shock when he opened one of the drawers. 'I thought, what is this doing here?' he said. 'I knew this was important.'

'Here we are in little old Alvin,' Police Chief Mike Merkel said Friday, 'and I have a folder in my hand that contains Colin Powell's Social Security number.'"


jjs said...

you might wanna move, bill, alvin could soon disappear.

Bill Crider said...

If it does, I'm counting on you to get us all out of Gitmo.