Monday, October 22, 2007

I Never Had any Teachers Like This

Yes, there are photos at the link.

Top marks for topless teacher | The Sun |HomePage|News: "SOPHIA Bonham is fast becoming one of Britain's most popular teachers - and it's easy to see why.

Since going topless on the front of a sexy calendar, which included the snap above, she's been bombarded with requests from fellas wanting to study her classy curves.

Hundreds of lads have tracked down the 19-year-old on internet networking sites.

But she's been teaching the random Romeos a lesson about talking to strangers.

'I've had loads of lads requesting me to be friends since the photos got out,' she laughs."


Anonymous said...

That you knew of? Who knew how some of Mexia's finest might've supplemented their incomes in the demimondial studios of the fleshpots of Houston? What was under the counters at tobacco shops in Austin? MEXIA NOIR, anyone? Clearly, it's overdue.

Anonymous said...


mybillcrider said...

MEXIA NOIR is certainly overdue, but, let's face it, my teachers were all somewhat older than 19.

Anonymous said...

19 is sometimes overrated, writes the man who could've been sleeping while instead of admiring Sela Ward in some obscure Gothic-style tv movie last night, broadcast locally.

Brent McKee said...

Strictly speaking though she doesn't actually seem topless in the photos or the video that went along with the article.

I did have an instructor at university who frequently went braless - and wore white when she did it.