Sunday, April 01, 2007

No Joke

In a little while Judy and I will start home. It will be nice to get back to high-speed Internet access after several days of dial-up.

I promise not to post any April Fool's jokes here today, so when I say that last night I saw Elvis, Jerry Lee, and Roy Orbison, you know I'm telling the truth.

What happened was that we went to my brother's second annual party at the Mexia Civic Center. He invited just about everyone he knows or has ever known, and the first two guys on this page provided the entertainment. I mentioned Wayne King last year. His impression of Roy Orbison is so good that it's almost scary. He was in fine voice last night, and we enjoyed the show.


Anonymous said...

When my wife and I visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last summer, they had a very good Orbison exhibit, including a poster from "The Fastest Guitar Alive" -- the most entertaining bad movie ever made.

Unknown said...

I believe that one of the ways MGM lured Orbison to the label was the promise that they'd make him a movie star. I've seen that movie, and as far as I know, Roy O. never made another one. And with good reason.