Monday, April 02, 2007

CNN's Best and Worst Movie Battle Scenes

The best -- and worst -- movie battle scenes -

Wham! Pow! Zap! Argh! To celebrate the launch of the ultimate battle movie, 300, we've compiled a list of our favorite on-screen battle scenes -- and the ones which really made us cringe.

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Anonymous said...

These "best of" lists always tend to be lame. This is one of the worst. Where are ALEXANDER NEVSKY, FORT APACHE, CHIMES AT MIDNIGHT, SEVEN SAMURAI, and LAWRENCE OF ARABIA?

Unknown said...

I hope you e-mailed them at the address they provided and gave them the word.

Cap'n Bob said...

The usual list from snot-nosed punks whose experience goes back 20 minutes. Need I mention The Alamo (several versions), Spartacus, The Longest Day, They Died With Their Boots On, Waterloo, and El Cid? On the lame side, there's Skipios, in which some of the Roman warriors wore wrist watches.

Unknown said...

Probably being paid by the hour.