Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Have We Won Yet?

NPR : America's Forgotten War: A Series Overview: "NPR.org, April 2, 2007 � Nearly four decades ago, President Richard Nixon launched the war on drugs. In 1969 he declared, 'Winning the battle against drug abuse is one of the most important, the most urgent national priorities confronting the United States today.'

That battle has been waged through seven White House administrations; in recent years, experts estimate the costs have run close to $40 billion annually. It's been fought overseas, with programs to eradicate coca and heroin production in Latin America and Asia, and efforts to interdict drugs as they are smuggled into the country over land, sea and air. It's been fought on American streets, with a law-enforcement crackdown that has resulted in nearly a half-million imprisonments over the last few decades. And it's been fought in countless U.S. communities with programs to educate, prevent and treat abuse.

But after all these battles and all these billions, what's been accomplished?"

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