Friday, March 02, 2007

Peru Update

Peru launches campaign against lateness - Yahoo! News: "LIMA, Peru - Sirens wailed, church bells rang and a sea of confetti fluttered through Lima's historical central plaza at the stroke of noon Thursday, alerting Peruvians to synchronize their watches at the start of a nationwide campaign to promote punctuality.

Chronic lateness is often overlooked by Peruvians who consider it an endearing cultural trait. But President Alan Garcia thinks otherwise.

It's a 'horrible, dreadful, harmful custom,' Garcia said as the nationally televised ceremony kicked off the campaign, 'La Hora sin Demora,' or 'Time without Delay.'

The Forum for National Consensus, a government-led council of business and citizens' groups responsible for the effort, is asking schools, businesses and government institutions to stop tolerating 'hora peruana,' or 'Peruvian time' — which usually means an hour late.

Peruvian officials proposed the initiative last month, saying that Peruvians' constant lateness reflects a negative attitude toward work and hurts national productivity."

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