Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Brazoria, Texas, Was there First

Texas leads the way. New York Follows. New York City and Tri-State News from WABC-TV: "The City Council today approved a symbolic resolution to ban 'the 'n' word' a racial slur that has a painful history intertwined with slavery.
The non-binding measure calls for New Yorkers to voluntarily stop using the slur against blacks, which has more recently been adapted among entertainers and youths as a term of endearment.

Councilman Leroy Comrie, the sponsor of the bill, says people are also denigrating themselves by using the word, and disrespecting their history.

The effort began weeks ago at the start of Black History Month, and has gradually gained nationwide notice and support. Other municipalities have passed measures similar to New York City's, and a historically black college in Alabama recently held a four-day conference to discuss the slur."


Graham Powell said...

I don't think we should pass laws to keep people from showing off their stupidity. Now how will we know who's in the Klan?

Anonymous said...

I guess we will have to remove Huck Finn from all the libraries and ban it from being sold or allowed into the classroom since one of the main characters is NIGGER JIM. The interesting thing is that the Klan was opposed to that book as well since it depicted white men in such an unflattering way. The only decent adult in the whole book is a NIGGER. Which was the whole point of course. Which is also why the Klan hated it.

Cap'n Bob said...

Hell, let's just organize an official Thought Police squad in every city and be done with it. Freedom of speech mean freedom to offend as well as praise, an idea alien to the social engineers and p.c. Nazis roaming the earth today. The latest insanity is reparations for slavery. Didn't we alrady do that with the War on Poverty, decades of welfare, and affirmative action?
I've lived too long.