Monday, February 26, 2007

Why Is E-Mail so Popular?

Post Office may issue 'forever' stamp - Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON - The next hike in postage rates could be ameliorated by the introduction of a "forever" stamp that would cover first-class postage despite future increases.

The independent Postal Regulatory Commission scheduled a Monday morning briefing to announce its ruling on the Postal Service's requests to raise first-class rates 3 cents to 42 cents and to establish the permanent stamp.

If the commission agrees, the matter goes back to the board of governors of the Postal Service, which is expected to schedule any rate changes in May. The commission can also reject or modify the rate proposal and send that to the postal board for a response.

A key part of the plan is the so-called forever stamp, which would allow consumers to hedge against future rate increases.

The stamp, which would not show a denomination, would sell for the first-class rate at the time of purchase and would remain valid for mailing permanently, even if rates increase.

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Kent Morgan said...

The permanent stamp to protect from future rate increases was introduced in Canada at the beginning of the year. It's only good for mailing within Canada.

Unknown said...

There we go, stealing Canada's ideas again.

Cap'n Bob said...

When I was in the Army I'd put the stamp on the lower left corner of the envelope and tell my correspondent to peel it off and do the same. Manged to use some of them three times before they were cancelled.

Unknown said...

What's the statute of limitations on federal crimes?